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What the "Big Boys" don't want you to know...

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     Building a home can seem overwhelming when you stand at the starting line and look at all the decisions that need to be made.  It is for this reason that large companies appeal to confused consumers.   They appear to make the entire process simpler and it is, but this convenience comes at a fairly hefty price.  In our dealings customers and the large companies that we've competitively bid, we have learned a few things that they may not want you to hear, be here goes:

  • They often use the areas less expensive sub contractors and when a certain phase of your house is ready- you get the first one available.

  • If you have an issue after you've moved in, it's often difficult to get it addressed due to the fact that they've used the cheaper  crews from distant areas.

  • Chances of the need to have a call back repaired are fairly great based on the caliber of the contractors used as described in bullet point one.

  • The fancy model homes, staff, and hefty advertising schedules are financed by You.  This means that a good portion of the money that you spend on your home, never appears within your property lines.

  • They sometimes hide expenses that new homeowners do not know exist and hit them with it after ground has been broken.  We have witnessed this first hand: items such as permits, utility excavation, gravel back fill for the garage floor and basement walls.   These items can add up to tens of thousands of dollars and make their initial quote attractive until reality sets in and they notify you once its too late.

  • Deviating from the original plan can get costly.  They charge a premium for special requests (an extra outlet, a wider door, moving a wall, etc. )  in order to makeup for the low initial quote.

  • Be sure to say goodbye to the person that initially works out the details of your new home..because once they receive your down payment, you may never see them again.  It often gets turned over to a field manager that may or may not get relayed the details that were previously discussed

  • You have limited options with regard to fixtures and finishes.  Even though your most likely making your life's most expensive purchase, you often settle for less than optimal selections because what you really want isn't on their "menu" of choices.  (this could be the craziest point of all).


With our years of experience, we too can alleviate your anxiety about the daunting task of constructing your dream from start to finish.  We do this on a personal basis and taking things step by step, point you in the right direction for product selection at the right time and politely guide you from beginning to end.  Your product choices can be infinate because we want you to have the fixtures You want.  We will make honest suggestions that will improve the final product, many of which won't cost a dime.   If a hallway is too narrow or bedroom too small, we'll see it and let you know ways to improve the layout- simply because we want you to have the best building that we can produce.  It's going to be standing for several hundred years so it might as well be right.

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