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Deciding Who is Going to Build for You.

Who is going to build for you. You have two choices regarding the type of business you are going to have construct your project. You can either hire a contractor or a builder.

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​Contractors are just what their name says – they “contract“ to have the work you want completed. Their files contain contracts between themselves and the consumer as well as themselves and the people they hired to perform the job. Many of them possess more sales experience than actual construction knowledge. They range from mega sized businesses doing thousands of homes for year to ones that just do a few. Their portfolio is often limited to a finite number of “models “that they have the plans for and while many say they do custom work – they do so reluctantly and at a premium as this is not how their business model normally works. Many of them have migrated into the business from other related fields such as banking, real estate, or sales. Nearly all of them lack hands-on experience of the building process and instead rely on their contracted trades.

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Builders are again exactly what their namesake says they are. Having a building background through and through and a wealth of hands on experience.  They are somewhat of a dying breed.  They have a truck or van, a lot of tools, and a worn-out nail bag and hammer. They appreciate good workmanship when they see it and are proud to have their name associated with the projects that they complete. They take pride in what they do and through experience, have the ability to foresee and react to problems that may arise both during the construction and prevent problems in the future. They most likely do not have a model home but can show you endless examples of their work that they have completed along the countryside. They seldom build the same plan twice and enjoy giving their customers a product that is unique to themselves.  Because of the numerous designs that they have worked with- they can guide new home owners as to timeless features that will look great for decades and help them avoid architectural trends that tend to date a home.

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