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Why should I choose Kuszmaul Builders?

      One of the greatest compliments that we ever received was when a real estate company listed a house that we had built several years before.  Along with the various amenities, they also said "Kuszmaul Built".   Our name has come to mean something special in this part of the country, let us make it mean something special for you.

     We approach each job as if its for ourselves.  We will not likely be your lowest bid or your highest bid.  We will definitely give you the most product for your dollar.  If you do pay a little more for a "Kuszmaul Built" house, it is because it is in your house and not in our pockets.  Rest assured, your money will be well spent.  Let the pages of this website and our extended history pay testament to this.  Call us for a no obligation appointment today so that we can sit down and discuss your project.  

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